Have your air ducts cleaned for better health.

Air ducts are a haven for dust, mold, bacteria and odors. In the Rio Grande Valley, we often run our air conditioning all day, every day. In this kind of cool, moist climate, mold and bacteria find ductwork a most hospitable environment. Dust and mold on your A/C grills may mean you have a contamination problem. Stale and musty odors are also an indication of dirty ductwork.

Dirty Ducts cleaning can help you clean up your act. We offer a FREE inspection to determine the need for duct cleaning in your home or office. We survey the grills that show signs of contamination, then inspect far inside the duct and around the fan which circulates cool air into your home.

Our staff is factory-trained and certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association for duct cleaning and our company has sixteen years experience in air system service. We don't just vacuum the dirt of your ducts and equipment, we actually wash the mold and bacteria off of your cooling coils with chemicals and water, removing it from your home and office. And, since we're familiar with A/C equipment, we can warn you about potential problem areas we may find while cleaning your ducts.

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